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0002586NoesisGUIUnity3Dpublic2024-01-24 21:32
ReporterDiego Chiodini Assigned Tojsantos  
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Product Version3.2.0 
Target Version3.2.3Fixed in Version3.2.3 
Summary0002586: Required execution order not embedded in source code
DescriptionIn order to work correctly, the world UI needs to execute first NoesisView, then NoesisWorldUI.
In any case, where you create a hierarchy with the NoesisWorldUI element ('sphere' in the attached image) BEFORE a NoesisView ('Main Camera'), then there is a strong chance that the UI won't show.
This can be fixed by using the "Script execution order" panel but it's not intuitive for a Noesis novice user to understand why these things are related.
An alternative that would render the solution transparent to the user is to add a

 [DefaultExecutionOrder(n)] to NoesisView.cs
and a
 [DefaultExecutionOrder(n-1)] to NoesisWorldUI.cs
Steps To ReproducePlease start with the example for World-UI.
Remove the execution order for NoesisView and NoesisWorldUI.
Recreate the hierarchy in the picture attached.
Run & observe.
Tagsexample, execution order, world ui


Diego Chiodini

Diego Chiodini

2023-05-02 18:54


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image.png (5,720 bytes)   


2023-05-03 12:35

manager   ~0008465

Thank you for this great feedback!

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