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0002600NoesisGUIUnity3Dpublic2023-09-13 19:54
Reportert.a.khairullin Assigned Tojsantos  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.2.1 
Target Version3.2.2Fixed in Version3.2.2 
Summary0002600: Crash compiling VR shaders
DescriptionUnity Editor 2022.2.15, after adding NoesisGUI 3.2.1 from disk nd activating the trial license the Editor indicates loading for some time and then crashes.
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has duplicate 0002667 resolvedjsantos Crash playing HelloWorld sample 
related to 0002688 resolvedjsantos Crash with hello world sample. 




2023-05-17 17:32

manager   ~0008482

Does this happen in a clear Unity project?


2023-05-18 17:33

reporter   ~0008484

Yes, it does. I was able to find out more details:
Opening Blend project for the first time generates Assets/<ProjectName>MainView.xaml and Blend/App.xaml with assotiated .cs files. Applying a license after that crashes Unity editor, but if I delete those files a license can be applied. No prject files are being generated if I open the Blend project after those manipulations.


2023-05-18 20:09

manager   ~0008485

Are you getting the crash without generating the Blend project and opening it? Like, installing the package in a clean project, import the HelloWorld sample, set the license key and hit play...


2023-05-18 21:34

reporter   ~0008486

Same thing. Tried it multiple times, crashes even without play mode.
Crash.png (223,282 bytes)   
Crash.png (223,282 bytes)   


2023-05-19 11:22

manager   ~0008487

Could you please attach the minidump belonging to the crash?


2023-05-19 13:47

manager   ~0008489

Thanks for the minidump. It seems this is not related to the license key. As far as I understand, this will crash also without setting a license.

It seems your GPU is not able to compile a few internal shaders needed for VR.

Could you please give me more informantion about your GPU? Better if you attach Unity log.


2023-05-23 14:05

reporter   ~0008503

Sorry for the late reply.

Yes, you were right - entering play mode without license leads to crash, but it's unclear what gives me such result in the first scenario then (entering license token without going to play mode also crashes the editor as you remember).
I am using GTX 960M, quite old now but I've never had such problem before, not sure which VR shaders might have such effect. Also I am not targeting a VR with this project, so is there a way to exclude those?
Please find both Unity crash output files attached (let me know if those are what you were asking for).

Editor.log (861,975 bytes)
crash-2.dmp (1,252,846 bytes)


2023-05-23 17:52

manager   ~0008504

Thanks for the attached documents. This is a bug related to VR that must be fixed, we should never crash.

Are you still able to reproduce a crash when entering the license token without hitting play and without previewing any XAML (clicking on any XAML will display a preview in the inspector, and this is similar to hitting PLAY)? If so, could you please attach the dump too?


2023-05-23 19:25

reporter   ~0008505

I haven't noticed it before, but it seems like you are right again - it crashes because of a preview, not the license. Thanks for the help.
Is there a way to download a previous version that's compatible with Unity 2022 while this is being fixed?


2023-05-25 11:43

manager   ~0008510

Noesis 3.1.7 for Unity is still available at


2023-05-25 12:40

reporter   ~0008512

Thanks, this version works perfectly fine.

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