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0002772NoesisGUIStudiopublic2023-11-21 17:48
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Summary0002772: Elements in the preview use styles defined for the Studio
DescriptionElements in user's XAML documents use the Noesis Studio's XAML styles which causes the same XAML code to look different in Noesis Studio and in tools such as VS Blend.

To reproduce this issue, create a new TextBlock element and in the Studio preview it's going to be gray rather than black (as it should be).
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2023-10-25 13:05


StudioStyles.png (20,603 bytes)   
StudioStyles.png (20,603 bytes)   


2023-11-07 19:34

manager   ~0008936

This happens not because of the Studio styles, but the NoesisTheme (NoesisTheme.DarkBlue) used for the viewport controls, and the root's (Page) Foreground specified in its style.
We need some theme applied so the controls look nice in the Studio (we don't want the internal purple styles by default).

By the way, in Blend designer it seems to be a bug, because if you run the application (F5) you will see that the TextBlock is rendered in white.

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