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0003377NoesisGUIStudiopublic2024-06-13 16:04
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Summary0003377: Studio Crashes When Renaming a Data Structure of Multiple Instances
DescriptionRenaming a Data Structure that has multiple instances applied to a Page, crashes Studio.

Note that this only occurs when there are two Data Sets (Instances) assigned to a Page. I was not able to repro this with a single assignment of Data to a Page.

Dump Attached.
Steps To ReproduceRepro Steps:

1) Create a Page
2) In the Data Panel, create a Data Structure (Named "MyData" and a Data Property for it (Named "MyProperty"). The type of data is not important.
3) Assign the Data created in Step 2) to the Page created in Step 1).
4) For a second time, assign the Data created in Step 2) to the Page created in Step 1).
You should now have two data sets that use "MyData" under the "Data Sets" panel.

Rename the Data Structure created in Step 2) called "MyData" to "YourData".

Observe the application crashing.

Expected Result: Data Structures can be renamed without Crashing.
Expected Result: Renaming a Data Structure updates its name wherever its used.
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