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Click on (Touch down) textbox crashed on 2.0

04 Mar 2017, 10:52


We use NSGUI with OGRE, when we use 1.3 RC1 it's OK. After we update to 2.0 when we click textbox on PC or touch down on iOS our app crashed.

We run the D3D11 sample with 2.0 it's crashed too (The 1.3 RC1 sample runs well).

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Re: Click on (Touch down) textbox crashed on 2.0

08 Mar 2017, 02:50

Unfortunately this bug slipped through the final 2.0. We are preparing a new release fixing many things like this. For now, the workaround is doing the following after noesis initialization:
Noesis::GUI::SetSoftwareKeyboardCallbacks(0, 0);

That should avoid the crash.

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