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Step by Step Unity documentation

13 Aug 2017, 20:22

Ok, I've watched the video and followed the steps, but now I'm getting: "Object reference not set to an instance of an object." when I try to edit my XAML. (I was fine until I exited and reloaded everything).

This is by opening the XAML project I created before creating the Unity project. I thought I followed the instructions step by step - I even went so far as to create a brand new Unity project per the tutorial.

I may have put the Unity app in the wrong place. I ended up with something like this:

code\MyApp\MyApp\MyApp.sln <=this seems to be the Unity project

It's hard to catch exactly what sub-folder to pick for the various projects in the video; that's where we really need a written list of instructions.

I would have thought this would be perfect as you'd think Unity wouldn't much around with the VS2015 project. However, I seem to have only one .csproj

We REALLY need a step by step list, in the docs, for how to create a Unity app, how to add XAML's, and edit them with Visual Studio 2015 (I have the Pro version).

Is there really no way to edit the XAML other than creating the project in VS first, then creating a new Unity project?

Does anyone have a tip to somehow add support back into VS?

== John ==
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Re: Step by Step Unity documentation

16 Aug 2017, 12:15


I found that in Blend for Visual Studio 2015 you can enable "Show All Files" in the project and then right click a file to "Include In Project", so it is no longer required to create the VS project first. You can have your current Unity project and then create a new project in Blend, add the files you want to edit and test in Blend, etc. To avoid problems with files generated by Blend/Visual Studio I will put the project outside the Assets folder. You can take a look at our github samples to see how we set up both projects, for example: ... nu3D/Unity

Anyway we will improve our documentation to include step by step tutorials to integrate Blend and Unity projects.

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