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ShooterDemo assets from the Unity video tutorial

16 Aug 2013, 19:54

I would like to evaluate your GUI framework, and i thought that starting with the video tutorial could be a good idea, but i can't find the ShooterDemo asset files in the trial package. The video seems to indicate that it is located somewhere in the SDK, but the SDK is only downloadable by licensees.
Is it intended that theses asset files are not available for trial or did i miss something?
Thanks in advance.
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Re: ShooterDemo assets from the Unity video tutorial

18 Aug 2013, 12:53

I had the same issue, there is a link to the 3rd person unity project at the start of the video, shown as they open the project i think. But there is no link to the actual GUI they replace the default with.

I also had to fix a few issues with that project because it won't run by default in Unity 4.x. Had to replace some obsolete properties used, remove some virtual keywords, change the shaders of many materials to legacy > lightmapped > bumped specular as it was pointing to a shader that no longer exists
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Re: ShooterDemo assets from the Unity video tutorial

18 Aug 2013, 19:11

Since v1.0.2 the ShooterDemo with NoesisGUI is available.

It can be downloaded at

We have updated the main post with this new link.


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