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Newbie trying to follow Unity Menu example but the documentation isn't right

20 Feb 2018, 03:29

I am trying to follow this tutorial, but it doesn't seem to be working out as planned... ... ty-project

I downloaded the latest NOESIS GUI and the samples are no longer laid out like they are in the tutorial. Specifically I am having an issue with MainWindow because the namespace being used is Buttons in the xaml file but the ElementExtensions is located in the Login namespace, so this causes issues. I can fix this by changing the namespace to Login but then I get an error with LogoResources.xaml dictionary...

Can someone please tell me how to get this working so I can see the tutorial? They really should update these tutorials when they make changes...
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Re: Newbie trying to follow Unity Menu example but the documentation isn't right

23 Feb 2018, 13:04


I reviewed our latest package (2.1.0rc3) and all namespaces in the samples are correct. Take into account that in our latest release all the data required by a sample is placed inside its own folder, samples are independent one from another.

If you are following the tutorial, you need to include the files from the Sample's folder you want to edit. For example, if you want to edit the Buttons sample you will include in the Blend project the files:

- Aero Matics Regular.ttf
- Buttons.xaml
- Buttons.xaml.cs
- ButtonsViewModel.cs
- ControlResources.xaml
- DelegateCommand.cs
- ElementExtensions.cs
- LogoResources.xaml

Anyway, we will update the images of that tutorial to avoid confusion.

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