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NoesisGUI v0.9.1

24 Feb 2012, 15:19

This version is a preview only for Win32 + DirectX9. We are working on the rest of platforms. ... .1.3407.7z

  • Added ResetInputState() to IRenderer, so mouse buttons and keys that were pressed can be reseted when an application is deactivated.
  • Optimized Border geometry generation using StreamGeometryContext, and now is robust against limit cases (corners bigger than Border size, etc.).
  • UIResource dependencies are now stored as GUID instead of strings (it is recommended to rebuild UI resources).
  • Implemented PushClip drawing context command (to be used within OnRender).
  • Added Timeline Completed event to reflection so it can be used from XAML.
  • Optimized PropertyPath memory space used by instances, and path is now parsed and serialized to avoid parsing in runtime as much as possible (it is recommended to rebuild UI resources).
  • Added static methods to RelativeSource to obtain unique instances of Self, TemplatedParent, or PreviousData relative sources.
  • Improvements to XamlReader to detect errors writing markup extensions or the {} escape sequence.
  • Fixed: DependencyProperties that Inherits didn't notify OnSubPropertyChanged correctly.
  • Fixed: Grid layout of star cells was failing when there were 2 or more cells with the same measure size.
  • Fixed: Track that was part of a ScrollBar didn't specify a minimum size for the Thumb control.
  • Fixed: BlendTutorial color selector sliders were not correctly initialized.
  • Fixed: ListBox in single selection mode was failing when Ctrl clicking an item.
  • Fixed: Some DependencyObject derived classes were not constructing the UI tree correctly, causing failures during resource look up.

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