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Creating XAML Views at runtime

01 May 2018, 12:10


I have just started looking into your system and its really impressive! One big thing that my game needs to do is to be able to create new UI panels at runtime. This means I want to be able to get a panel description in XAML from the server and create a new view using that text.

Is this possible to do using your system? I am using unity and from the looks of it I need the XAML file and .asset file for it to work? is there a way to create it just using the string to describe the XAML?

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Re: Creating XAML Views at runtime

03 May 2018, 19:10

Hi Adam,

Couldn't you send the .assets from the server? If the answer is negative, just creating a NoesisXaml by hand is easy, you only need to fill the content property with the XAML text and just do a Load() to get the root object.

Next version of NoesisGUI will also provide a method for loading Xaml from text that will work across all our platforms.

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