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How Setup a C++ project from scratch in VS2015?

10 May 2018, 11:23

I'm doing some research about the best way to implement an efficient UI in our game and NoesisGUI seem like a strong alternative to UMG (Unreal).

I see there're plenty of samples in the source code, but we want to setup a Solution with just one project like the "Hello World" sample from scratch. We want a solution with just the essentials to run our XAML files using the library.

Is there any guide on how to do this? We can't find it in the documentation. So far, trying to replicate the HellowWorld sample is giving as a lot of problems.


Never mind, we figure out what were we missing.
For anyone interested, it's quite simple, just like any other C++ library implementation.
You just need to:

1. Include this folders:
[noesis project]\Include

2.Add the additional library folders (in our case windows_x86_64)

3. link the static libraries Noesis.lib and NoesisApp.lib

4. Copy the neede dll's (Noesis.dll and NoesisApp.dll).
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Re: How Setup a C++ project from scratch in VS2015?

14 May 2018, 11:39


You've mentioned UMG. Was this an issue with the UE4 plugin?

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