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How to use an independent copy of EASTL?

25 Jul 2018, 14:56

Dear all,

Our software is considering using EASTL for higher performance and easier memory management. However, NoesisGUI ships with its own version, and defined its own allocator as the default allocator. And EASTL/internal/config.h is modifed to incluse NoesisConfig.h. We need to use a copy EASTL that is independent of the one shipped with NoesisGUI because:
1. If we directly use NoesisGUI's shipped EASTL, All our infrastructure modules would depend on NoesisConfig if they use EASTL.
2. We may have different configuration (different default allocator, assert etc)
3. NoesisGUI's shipped one is based on the old comminity version, but we're considering using the official one (v3.0+) which contains a lot more functionality.

However, we cannot do it easily because of namespace clash and macro name clash. Is there an easy way to use another copy of EASTL or can NoesisGUI be configured to use another copy of EASTL (e.g. don't use NoesisGUI's assert/allocator for EASTL)

Thanks in advance!
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Re: How to use an independent copy of EASTL?

26 Jul 2018, 10:51

I am not sure how to solve this in the short term. Probably just using our own EASTL is fine for now. In the long term we have plans to remove EASTL in favor of our custom implementation. EASTL is really nice, but we only use a really small subset of it and we want to avoid bloating the headers with it.

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