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Trial download of the Unity version

13 Sep 2013, 16:55


I did not find any trial version download in the Noesis web site. However in the official Unity forum in the thread

http://forum.unity3d.com/threads/192064 ... e-RELEASED

I did find a working link:

http://goo.gl/BWxqC1 which actually downloads a trial version:NoesisGUI-

Q1: Is this intentional? (I mean not having the link in the web site)
Q2: How up to date this

Thanks in advance
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Re: Trial download of the Unity version

13 Sep 2013, 18:13


No, it is not intentional. It is only that the licensing table was done before the trials. Will be updated.

Our latest binaries can always be found here:


NoesisGUI v1.0.3 is the latest version (two weeks ago), and 1.0.4 is imminent. We are releasing a new version each two weeks approximately.

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