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Super Laggy WebcamTexture on iOS (Unity 2018.3)

27 Feb 2019, 11:35


We are about to implement a QR scanning view using Noesis 2.1 (Image + TextureSource).
This works fine on Android, Windows, MacOS. But NOT on iOS.
The image is super laggy and unusable. The FPS seems to be right, since the rest of the UI is responsive.

Is this a known issue or have we done something stupid?

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Re: Super Laggy WebcamTexture on iOS (Unity 2018.3)

01 Mar 2019, 12:48

With the given details I cannot figure out the issue. Could you please verify that the texture you are generating is being updated correctly? The fact that the UI is responsive makes me think the problem is in the texture generator. How are you updating it?

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