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IOS build linker error

01 Mar 2019, 13:18

I imported the actual Unity package (2.1.0f1) into a new project on my Mac (Mojave) in Unity 2018.2.15f1. The goal is to use it in IOS on an iPad. When I compile it for IOS (Hello World) I get an linker error in XCode. Also in the Unity Editor the screen is black. When I run the sample it works (in the editor, after I switched off metal support).
Is it normal that I do not see anything in the editor?


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Re: IOS build linker error

01 Mar 2019, 13:31

2.1 is not compatible with Metal on macOS (only iOS), you need to disable it or just download the latest beta that fully supports it.

Regarding the linking errors, you need to disable Bitcode for now. Is that the error you are getting?

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