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Unity Font not found

15 Apr 2020, 20:11

I get this when i try to use fonts
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Re: Unity Font not found

16 Apr 2020, 09:59

By default path searching is working in CURRENT directory. For example you have folder layout

-- Fonts
-- Views

Then in in XAML placed in view folder you use Source="../Fonts/<path>". ../ is one-level up.
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Re: Unity Font not found

16 Apr 2020, 10:19

FontFamily property uses family names, not font files. So the xaml should look like this:
<TextBlock FontFamily="Fonts/#Roboto" FontStretch="Condensed" Text="Hello World"/>
Noesis will take care of matching the family name plus the font properties (Weight, Stretch and Style) to the corresponding font file.
To make sure you use the correct family name you can inspect any Font asset and check the "Family" string that Noesis will match.

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