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18 Apr 2020, 21:10

I need to do moving elements inside the Grid, in c# I use RenderTransform, but when I try to use it in c++ I get an error: "Cannot set 'Matrix' property on object 'MatrixTransform' because it is in a read-only state";
void TestNoesis::MoveButton_PreviewMouseMove(Noesis::BaseComponent* sender, const Noesis::MouseEventArgs& e)
	Grid* rootGrid = (Grid*)this->GetParent();

	MatrixTransform* transform = (MatrixTransform*)this->GetRenderTransform();
	Transform2f mtx = transform->GetMatrix();

	float x = 0;
	float y = 0;

	mtx.Translate(x, y);

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Re: RenderTransform

19 Apr 2020, 18:14

I should have added
		<TranslateTransform />
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Re: RenderTransform

21 Apr 2020, 17:34

Yes, the default value for RenderTransform property is the Identity transform, that is a frozen MatrixTransform.
So if you want to change it you should provide the appropriate transform type as you found.

Marking this as solved.

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