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Removing elements from view isn't triggering unloading of XAML

30 Apr 2020, 11:17

Im posting this in relation to this problem we're facing (

Maybe we're misunderstanding something, but we've assumed that once an element is removed from tree, the element's xaml content is disposed. This does not seem to be always happening and we're not being able to find a reason for it.

In the example attached to the bug's description you can see some of Noesis' own Unity sample XAMLS being added to a grid and then removed, and if you watch NoesisSettings "Allocated Memory" you can watch it growing, never resetting to the starting amount.

In our actual code we've prevented "LoadXAML" calls from allocating something that's already there again, but we need to be able to release memory used by removed elements somehow...

Is there something we're missing?


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Re: Removing elements from view isn't triggering unloading of XAML

05 May 2020, 00:55

Some of the memory that is not released comes from a known issue in Noesis related to event hooks. We explained that in our documentation here: ... vents-in-c

We also found that interactivity classes are keeping strong references to objets of the tree that make impossible to correctly release the memory of those tree elements. We will fix that for the upcoming release.

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