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25 Sep 2020, 21:44

I'm attempting to get StoryboardCompletedTrigger to work. My setup looks something like this:

User control:
			<Storyboard x:Key="CooldownStoryboard">
				<DoubleAnimation Duration="0" To="1" Storyboard.TargetProperty="(UIElement.Opacity)" Storyboard.TargetName="Darken" From="1"/>

		<ei:StoryboardCompletedTrigger Storyboard="{StaticResource CooldownStoryboard}">
			<ei:PlaySoundAction Source="play_hud_cooldown_complete.wav"/>
	<Grid x:Name="Root" HorizontalAlignment="Center" VerticalAlignment="Center" Margin="2,0,3,0">
            <VisualStateGroup x:Name="AbilityStates">
                    <VisualTransition From="Ready" GeneratedDuration="0" To="Cooldown" Storyboard="{StaticResource CooldownStoryboard}">
                            <CircleEase EasingMode="EaseOut"/>
// ....	
The storyboard triggers, my states are hit, everything seems fine, except the StoryboardCompletedTrigger never seems to fire. I turned on binding logging and it seems fine (no error about the binding at least). I'm probably just doing something dumb. Any help?


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Re: StoryboardCompletedTrigger

26 Sep 2020, 00:19

Turns out, I was just doing something dumb. After starting at it enough and playing around, I found out that I was listening for the wrong storyboard :(


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Re: StoryboardCompletedTrigger

28 Sep 2020, 09:59

Thanks for the update Sam, if there is anything we should improve to help identifying that easier please let us know.

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