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Putting Noesis in Unity/Assets/Plugins subdirectory

31 Dec 2020, 14:59

So I've tried to put Noesis in my UnityProject into the Plugins subdirectory as I keep all ThirdParty stuff in my Projects there.
However that seems to cause issues with the noesis installation, claiming for example it cannot create the asset files for the Themes since they are supposed to go into a /Assets/NoesisGUI directory, which doesn't exist. Is there something hardcoded in the installation or asset file creation that expects Noesis to be in that specific location?
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Re: Putting Noesis in Unity/Assets/Plugins subdirectory

04 Jan 2021, 12:14

Related to #1330 and #1827. We have plans to solve this when deprecating support for .unitypackage and implement compatiblity with the new Unity Package Manager.

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