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Include Documentation

11 Aug 2021, 10:49

I'm in the process of getting myself familiarized with NoesisGUI, so started a simple sample application in C++.

One obstacle that I think shouldn't be this big is figuring out what to include to get access to a certain class/function/macro. I cannot seem to find any documentation about it in the class hierarchy list (which doesn't include functions and macros anyway), and all the sample code on the website is omitting includes.
What I have been doing so far is finding the sample code in the SDK and "Go to definition". This works as long as there is sample code. Outside of that I'd probably have to do a full text search in the headers.
The includes aren't very straight forward in some cases either: NSGui/IntegrationAPI.h to get Noesis::GUI::LoadComponent.

Am I not looking in the correct places for this information?
If this is indeed missing from the documenation I think it'd be an important addition for both classes (which already have some documentation in the Class hierarchy list), as well as free functions and macros (which aren't documented anywhere best I can tell?).
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Re: Include Documentation

11 Aug 2021, 13:16

Am I not looking in the correct places for this information?
You are looking at the correct places but all the missing pieces you are looking for are still not there. This is something we have been discussing here for long time, we need to improve the documentation of the SDK. The class hierarchy started as a common place to describe methods and events for the framework for both C++ and C# SDKs, that's the reason there is no information about headers of functions there. But this is definitely not enough at this point.

There is a minor thing that may help you a bit, we provide a header (NoesisPCH.h) that includes all the API, very convenient to be used as a precompiled header.

Thanks for the suggestions! We are listening and finding solutions.

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