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Noesis GUISystem vs NoesisGUI Panel

18 Dec 2013, 12:53


When adding new component to camera I can see Noesis GUISystem and NoesisGUI Panel. Could someone explain what the first one is?

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Re: Noesis GUISystem vs NoesisGUI Panel

18 Dec 2013, 20:56


NoesisGUIPanel is the component that defines the xaml that you want to render. You have to attach it to the Main Camera if you want to render the GUI over the screen, or attach it to a GameObject using a Material with a RenderTexture as mainTexture, if you want to render to a texture.

NoesisGUISystem is the component that manages our plugin (initialization/shut down, tick, ...). The only thing you might find useful from this class is the LoadXaml() function, to load aditional xaml files during runtime.


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