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Multi Camera GUI Panel

11 Mar 2014, 15:59

Hello all,

We have an application that has more than one camera looking at the same scene. On each of them, we have separate GUIs (separate NoesisGUIPanel components attached to each camera). The problem is that, when we hover mouse on screen, noesis captures mouse position according to whole screen (it behaves like there is one panel that covers whole screen) and pushes the click info to the last attached NoesisGUIPanel (only single one of them and the others do not capture the click event - we think that there are multiple panels are overlapping like there is one camera and the topmost one catches the click event).

Is there any possible solution to that or can you provide one?

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Re: Multi Camera GUI Panel

13 Mar 2014, 17:24

I don't understand exactly how is your scene setup, could you please open an issue in the bugtracker and attach a sample unity scene where we can reproduce the error?

Thanks for your collaboration.

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