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OpenSceneGraph integration

17 Dec 2012, 14:22

Hi all,

I'm glad to announce that the OpenSceneGraph (http://www.openscenegraph.com) integration is now in progress. Anyone who has interests in working with OSG-based applications please pay attention here. An initial version of the osgNoesisGUI library may come out soon as NoesisGUI 0.9.7 will support OpenGL well. :-)

The OSG integration will use a custom Drawable to contain all Noesis elements and people can either place the Drawable under an HUD camera node or treat it as a billboard in the 3D scene.
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Re: OpenSceneGraph integration

18 Dec 2012, 01:17

Excellent work! :)

This is how the renderer works in OpenGL, there may be things that must be changed. But for now,
  • You should pass a new context to our device. That context will be used internally by us. And it is a way to preserve our cache of states without altering the state of the application and vice versa.
  • Between Update() and WaitForUpdate() we guarantee that not drawing calls are invoked on the device. BUT there is a quite improbable scenario were our context may be used (concretely a program activation). This should not generate any conflict with any usage that the applicatin may be doing because we are using our context (different from the application one). In that improbable scenario (that should only happens once by the way) the context of the thread is activated and properly restored. So this should be transparent for the caller.
  • Between Render() and WaitForRender() we draw on the passed surface using the passed context. After the redenring the previous context of the thread is restored.
Tell me if you see something strange here. For now, I am not sure what is the problem with the resize of the window.

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