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[UNITY] Error with fontfamilyconverter

23 Aug 2014, 02:34

Hi guys,
I am working with XAML for my game GUI in Blend. I created a standard button with image brush for background. But when I tried to test it, Unity gave me the error that it can't convert the content string using FontFamilyConverter. Do I need to define my own style first ? Also, I would eventually want to generalize the button styles, but I have no clue how I would proceed with that. Any help/advice is appreciated. Sorry if the questions are a bit newbie level, but I am just learning XAML with this project. So bare with me. :)

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Re: Error with fontfamilyconverter

23 Aug 2014, 02:36

I don't know why the image is not showing up, but here is the url:
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Re: [UNITY] Error with fontfamilyconverter

24 Aug 2014, 23:18


You are probably using a kind of FontFamily syntax we don't support. We are improving this part in v1.2, for now you should follow the syntax shown in the text tutorial. Anyway, if you paste here the XAML I will provide you more help.

About styling buttons. I recommend starting with our Styles and Templates Tutorial. Take your time to understand everything, it is not an easy subject. We also provide several themes in the Unity package you can examine to learn.

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