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uFrame + NoesisGUI integration

10 Feb 2015, 21:48

Since every features have been implemented on the Noesis side with the latest NoesisGUI beta, anybody knows what is being worked on the uFrame side ? No news about this for months.
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Re: uFrame + NoesisGUI integration

10 Feb 2015, 22:57

From NoesisGUI's side it's ready in beta 1.2.

The problem is indeed with uFrame. There are some bugs and inconsistencies in uFrame, most of which I've reported and fixed myself in December. I've created a branch of uFrame Core on GitHub that includes the fixes and works with NoesisGUI: ... nce-Source

Download and install that uFrame Core branch. Then copy the bin folder from uFrame asset from the Asset Store. UniRx can also be copied from that asset, but there is also a newer version on GitHub.

Your project folder should look like this:

--- uFrameComplete
------ bin <-- from uFrame Asset Store
------ uFrame <--
------ UniRx <--

There is one particular type of bug in uFrame that I cannot fix because the code generator is closed-sourced. It doesn't generate compliant WPF code for collection change events. I have described the necessary changes here: ... ter-sender ... s-are-null

Unfortunately until the uFrame developer merges my branch and fixes the code generator, we have to edit the generated files every time we change something in the uFrame diagram.

I'm going to be honest with you here, that makes uFrame quite useless for me at the moment.
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Re: uFrame + NoesisGUI integration

10 Feb 2015, 23:24

Thanks for your quick answer movra !

Well, you did your best. I have raised this issue on the uFrame forums, I hope we will get some attention from the uFrame dev.

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