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NoesisGUI v0.9.9

22 May 2013, 07:56

Remember that this version is still a beta. Your feedback is very important to us. If you are updating from a previous version, you must rebuild all the resources (buildtool.exe rebuild) for each desired platform.

NOTE: iPhone/iPad support for Unity is not available in this version. It will be added in the next release.

  • Win32: DirectX9 / OpenGL
  • Android
  • iPhone/iPad
  • Ogre3D: DirectX9
  • Unity: Windows DirectX, Windows OpenGL, Android
  • OpenSceneGraph: OpenGL

  • OpenGL renderer optimized. Many improvements have been incorporated.
  • Improved OpenGL ES 2.X implementation optimized for tiled based architectures. Now samples run fine in Android.
  • New platform: iOS. iPhone and iPad supported with iOS 5 or later.
  • New SDK platform: Mac OS X v10.5 or later. This SDK is yet experimental and not as complete as the Windows version.
  • Support for multisample added in GL. For now only the extensions APPLE_framebuffer_multisample, EXT_framebuffer_multisample and EXT_multisampled_render_to_texture are supported.
  • Opacity Groups (aka Render to Texture) have been heavily optimized. Now, you must indicate the resolution of off-screen surfaces when constructing a xaml renderer. By default, two extra textures of the same resolution are created.
  • Improvements to the Integration Tutorial. iOS integration described. Simplified interface for loading a xaml and setting up the renderer.
  • Tessellation quality improved. Now the aspect of curves at medium quality is better.
  • Glyph atlases are now a single channel (A8) texture on mobile platforms.
  • Added default style support that is loaded by default with each xaml. Can be overridden by IUISystem::SetTheme().
  • Added support for strings in ResourceDictionary.
  • Unity improvements:
    • New unity directory layout following the suggestions from the forum.
    • UserControls can be created now on Unity.
    • Unity3d Tutorial updated with UserControl, Binding and Commands information.
    • Primitives sample updated with a ListBox and a ColorPicker.
    • New LoadXaml function.
    • Extended classes are automatically registered now.
    • NoesisGUI API is now inside the namespace Noesis.
    • Added Noesis.Reflection.DoLaunchChangedEvent() function to implement INotifyPropertyChange in Unity extended classes.
    • New demo, Shooter Demo, distributed as an standalone unity project.
    • Video tutorial created with the Shooter Demo.
    • Added a Command (MVVM) example.
Bug fixes
  • Fixed: Masking (Stencil) was not working properly on several scenarios.
  • Fixed: DependencyProperty was not taking into account Condition.SourceName to search for the property in the appropriate type.
  • Fixed: DynamicResourceExpression was not returning UnsetValue when resource key was not found.
  • Fixed: VisualState and VisualTransition were not implementing IUITreeNode and name lookups failed.
  • Fixed: BindingExpression was failing when DataContext was being set from code.
  • Fixed: Thickness, Point and Size parsers accepting now " " and "," as separators.
  • Fixed: UnityDeviceDX9 rendering xamls to textures and to camera in the same scene were failing.
  • Fixed: Problems reloading NoesisGUI components in standalone mode.
  • Fixed: Crash when rendering to a texture that was not being used.
  • Fixed: Atlases between surfaces was not shared properly (same glyphs were inserted several times).
  • Fixed: When closing a Pop-up sometimes it was clearing any binding set in the IsOpen property.
  • Fixed: TextBox handling Unicode characters properly.
  • Fixed: Bugged animation in Button Pressed state in NoesisStyle.
  • PlaneProjection FOV adjusted to match WPF.

Documentation, tutorials and tools needed by the rest of packages are contained in the SDK. Always download this package.
NOTE: Since 1.0.0 official release, all beta downloads are disabled.
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Re: NoesisGUI v0.9.9

30 May 2013, 10:15

We just uploaded new version of SDK and unity package.

  • Fixed occasional hangs or crashes in Unity Editor after setting SDK path and resources are built.
  • Renamed PropertyMetaData classes to PropertyMetadata to follow WPF naming.
  • Removed obsolet stats from XamlPlayer stats panel.
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Re: NoesisGUI v0.9.9

06 Jun 2013, 18:32

New version of the SDK (Windows and OS X) and Unity package uploaded.

  • Implementation of GUID creation for OS X, used by BuildTool.
  • When rendering GUI to a RenderTexture in Unity, you can now set background of the xaml's root to a Transparent brush, and by applying a Transparent shader you can get translucent textures.
  • Changes in merged dictionaries are now correctly notified, so they can be added in runtime and nest them as much as you want.
  • ScrollViewer was not updating ScrollContentPresenter correctly, so SetHorizontalOffset() and similar functions were failing.
  • Fixed mismatched calling conventions in some functions exported to Unity.
  • Extended classes in Unity don't need to call BASETYPE.Extend_BASETYPE(typeof(MYTYPE)) anymore. This task is done internally right now.

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