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Ignoring .xaml files from being built?

02 Jul 2015, 20:29

Is there a way to ignore .xaml files from being built? I have sample xaml data files built from our view models (generated via blend using sample data) and Noesis doesn't like building them. It keeps giving errors saying:

System.MissingMethodException: No constructor found for IQ.MySuperAwesomeViewModel::.ctor()
at System.Activator.CreateInstance

Even if I create an empty constructor, it still gives the same error. If we can just ignore these files then it wouldn't be a problem.
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Re: Ignoring .xaml files from being built?

03 Jul 2015, 15:25

Right now, there is now way to ignore XAMLs. Although it is not a very critical problem because it doesn't block you for executing your application.

The way other users are doing is using #if to share the .cs between Blend and Unity. I don't understand why you are getting that error if your class provides a constructor. Is it set as public?

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