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Carriage return shown as question mark

09 Nov 2015, 21:51

The TextBlock doesn't seem to handle carriage return properly (\r, ASCII 13): it's displayed as '?'. The font doesn't seem to matter. \n alone works fine, but \r\n is common on Windows. It's a little cumbersome to have to "sanitize" the text before binding to a TextBlock.

I'm currently a trial user, so I can't open an issue directly. I'm using Noesis v1.2.5f6 under Unity 5.2.2f1.

Keep up the good work with the awesome product that Noesis is :)
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Re: Carriage return shown as question mark

10 Nov 2015, 11:12

Ok, I was able to reproduce it.
I have added this issue to be resolved for the next release.
Thanks for reporting.

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