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DependencyProperty with double type.

10 Nov 2015, 13:40

I am trying to declare a DependencyProperty:
public static DependencyProperty BatteryLevelProperty =
                                        new PropertyMetadata(0, OnBatteryLevelChangedCallback));
But when building Noesis fails with the error message:
ApplicationException: Reflection TypeId 'System.Double' for type 'System.Double' already used to register type '.?AVSystemDouble@Gui@Noesis@@'
If I change the type of the property to float instead, it seems to work without issue. When I digged around a bit in the Noesis code for answers, I discovered that it seems like double is not supported (in e.g. NoesisExtend.cs).
How come?

I am using Noesis with Unity.
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Re: DependencyProperty with double type.

12 Nov 2015, 02:49

For performance reasons (specially on mobile architectures) we implement all the real properties as floats in NoesisGUI. I recommend you doing that.

But I think we should allow creating dependency properties (in the same way we allow data binding to doubles) of type double, or at least give a better error message.

Could you please report it?

Thanks for your feedback.

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