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Runtime error

11 Apr 2016, 10:37

I compiled the Menudemo on Android and installed,when i ran it,immediately crashed.
The error from DDMS:

04-11 16:36:08.692: E/Unity(6829): [EGL] eglChooseConfig(m_EGLDisplay, configAttribs, NULL, 0, &eglConfigCount): EGL_BAD_ATTRIBUTE: An unrecognized attribute or attribute value was passed in the attribute list.

04-11 16:36:08.692: E/Unity(6829): (Filename: ./Runtime/GfxDevice/egl/ConfigEGL.cpp Line: 374)

What is the proplem ? thanks.
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Re: Runtime error

12 Apr 2016, 10:46

This error is thrown by Unity not Noesis.
Could you please first try with a scene without Noesis and see what happens?

If it doesn't fail, try again with the MenuDemo sample and attach here the complete logcat. Maybe there is another message that can help us identify the problem.

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