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Note: High CPU use in Unity3D in empty scene

30 May 2016, 22:55

Just found out my application (not a 3D 'game') used around 80% CPU on a very fast Macbook Pro Retina. It's only parsing some network packets and sending others, nothing difficult.

The UI is built with NoesisGUI and is quite simple. There's no 3D geometry in Unity3D at all.

Problem seems to be, the camera renders at 300-500 fps because it has nothing to render. NoesisGUI is rendered in that same speed, which causes the CPU to 'overload'. Setting Application.targetFrameRate to 25 solved the problem: Back to 6% CPU use :)
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Re: Note: High CPU use in Unity3D in empty scene

01 Jun 2016, 01:21

Remark: this is not directly related to NoesisGUI but to the way Unity pumps frames. Probably the best way to reduce CPU usage is by activating the vsync.

Another problem related to this and many times commented by our clients: in iOS the Application.targetFrameRate is by default set to 30. If you want more fluid animations you need to change it to 60, although your application will consume more battery.

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