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[Unity]Noesis crashing quite often after changing xaml or cs

23 Sep 2016, 13:29

NoesisGUI has began to crash everytime after changing xaml or cs files. Crash happens always after first time playing game on editor, usually it works second time but not always, third time always works.

This is error in unity log.
NoesisException: NoesisGUI crashed! Dump located at E:/Git/glory/Project/Dumps/Noesis_20160923_131958.dmp. Please report this problem to the developers
Noesis.Error.Check () (at Assets/Plugins/NoesisGUI/Scripts/Core/NoesisError.cs:26)
Noesis.UIRenderer.Noesis_CreateRenderer (IntPtr root) (at Assets/Plugins/NoesisGUI/Scripts/Core/NoesisUIRendererImports.cs:90)
Noesis.UIRenderer..ctor (Noesis.FrameworkElement content, Vector2 offscreenSize, UnityEngine.GameObject target) (at Assets/Plugins/NoesisGUI/Scripts/Core/NoesisUIRenderer.cs:117)
NoesisGUIPanel.LoadXaml () (at Assets/Plugins/NoesisGUI/Scripts/NoesisGUIPanel.cs:529)
NoesisGUIPanel.OnEnable () (at Assets/Plugins/NoesisGUI/Scripts/NoesisGUIPanel.cs:400)
this is ending of noesis crash log.
[53] [0x00007FFABE3AB4D0] Noesis_64.dll(+0x6206672)!Noesis_CreateRenderer + 0x60 bytes
[54] [0x000000000C6B3A4B]
[55] [0x3E112E0BE826D695]
[56] [0x0000000023DA3540]
[57] [0x0000000023DA3540]
[58] [0x00000001E5F514D0]
[59] [0x00000001E5F514D0]
and as you can see, there is quite a lot of these logs.
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Re: [Unity]Noesis crashing quite often after changing xaml o

24 Sep 2016, 02:57

Could you please report this and attach the dump file? (only one of them is fine)

Sorry for the inconvenience!

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