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Touch Scrolling With mouse

15 Oct 2016, 20:30

Hi !
Is there a way to have scrolling like touch with mouse..?
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Re: Touch Scrolling With mouse

19 Oct 2016, 01:59


Are you using C++ SDK or Unity package?

In Unity you can select the NoesisGUIPanel component and click on 'Emulate Touch' to convert mouse clicks to touch events. Is this what you want?

If that is not your case, and you need to customize the scroll using the mouse, you will have to modify ScrollViewer offset manually by calling:
/// Scrolls the content within the ScrollViewer to the specified horizontal offset position.
void ScrollToHorizontalOffset(NsFloat32 offset);

/// Scrolls the content within the ScrollViewer to the specified vertical offset position.
void ScrollToVerticalOffset(NsFloat32 offset); 

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