Released 2020-12-04
0001839: [C++ SDK] ListBoxItem selection is always reverted to the last focused item (sfernandez)
0001841: [Unity3D] NoesisPostProcessor Fails Importing Fonts (sfernandez)
0001812: [Unity3D] MultiBinding with converter in DataTrigger crashes Unity (sfernandez)
0001844: [C++ SDK] NoesisApp::D3D11RenderDevice does not clear pixel shader resource slots (jsantos)
0001843: [C++ SDK] Missing "template" statements in TypePropertyUtil.h (jsantos)
0001832: [Unity3D] Noesis 3.0.6/7 crash on MacBook Pro on Unity 2019.4.13f1 (jsantos)
0001833: [C++ SDK] Create MessageBox user control (sfernandez)
0001831: [C# SDK] Class FormattedText is empty; doesn't match documentation (sfernandez)
0001836: [C++ SDK] Crash clicking a TextBox using a template without valid PART_ContentHost (sfernandez)
0001834: [C++ SDK] Button Click event not raised when pressing Gamepad_A if Alt key is pressed (sfernandez)
0001817: [Unity3D] RadioButton Gallery example throw ArgumentException in Unity Editor Mode & Builds (sfernandez)
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