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Summary0001224: Custom shader effects not supported
DescriptionI have a requirement to be able to render modern UI effects, such as frosted glass.

In evaluating which UI solution to use for a project, it's been discovered that Noesis apparently does not support the custom shader effects of WPF.

The forum has a couple several year old threads related to this where it was cited that custom effects would be coming to Noesis, but there seems to have been no word since, and the roadmap does not detail plans for it to be implemented.

I'm curious if there is any official word on this feature, and if there is a rough timescale for when it may be implemented. Thank you!
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2018-01-23 01:19

manager   ~0005039


Yes, we are working on this. It's been delayed several times but right now this is on the list of next features we are working on for the next major version. We already have custom clients patching our code and using effects (just for the C++ API). We don't plan to implement HLSL reconversion to the target platform (GL, Metal, Vulkan) on the fly, the idea is having each renderer implementing each effect. This is going to make the API a bit restrictive for Unity for example, because the number of effects is going to be fixed (we can increase the list of official effects with each release). What kind of effects do you need?

Anyway, this could change because for now we are experimenting. Can't give you an estimation about release date though.


2018-01-23 04:55

reporter   ~0005041

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Thanks for the info!

The only effect we're *really* in need of is frosted glass, My UI artist seems to have a bit of a fetish for it, though his reasoning isn't unfounded as it's a gorgeous effect.

I've worked with an in house implementation of XAML in the past and we made extensive use of custom shaders in it, so the flexibility to do this with Noesis would be killer. If there's tradeoffs involved, like needing to bypass the Unity asset pipeline, that'd be absolutely fine.

Nevertheless, I'm liking Noesis so far, keep up the good work!



2018-01-24 01:58

manager   ~0005044

Thanks for the kind words, I will keep you posted about the effect implementation. They are coming to Noesis for sure.


2019-07-29 20:49

reporter   ~0005911

It looks like I created a duplicate ticket requesting the same (


2019-07-29 21:00

manager   ~0005912

not your fault, this ticket was private before... :)

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