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0001269NoesisGUIC# SDKpublic2019-08-26 15:26
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Summary0001269: Expose mip map LOD bias for texture sampling
DescriptionAs we've discussed, usually with the trilinear filter the result is too blurry, especially if the texture is too large (and all our textures are for 4K so they're large, later we plan to introduce auto switching between textures for 4K and low DPI).

The mip map LOD bias helps with increasing sharpness without getting any side effects when the displayed image is static.
See the attached screenshots to demonstrate why we need the bias to enable the trilinear filtering.

The proper solution might be an XAML extension (similar to Text Stroke) which is recognized by NoesisGUI:
<Image Source="icon.png" noesis:Texture.MipMapLodBias="-0.5"  />

Or maybe even apply it globally to the root and so to the whole visual tree (I mean - enable inheritance of this property).

Another solution - expose the bias setting to the texture wrap API (Texture.WrapD3D11Texture() method) or as a property of the Noesis.Texture class itself.

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2018-04-02 08:56


NoMipMap.png (3,037,066 bytes)
MipMap.png (3,110,601 bytes)


2018-04-02 16:37

manager   ~0005165

Thanks for the report! Yes, I was thinking about adding a new method to Texture. But I need to think more about it.

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