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0001316NoesisGUIUnity3Dpublic2020-12-11 16:34
ReportermingingminglerAssigned Tosfernandez 
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Summary0001316: OpacityMask doesn't support VisualBrush even when binding an existing element to Visual
DescriptionI'm trying to implement a simple color tint for flat shaded vector icons without having to dig into the graphic resource definitions to bind colors to the paths. This involves using a Grid with the appropriate color set to the Background, and then using an OpacityMask with the VisualBrush bound to an element with the vector icon in it.

According to this post and this resource VisualBrush should support binding to a Visual, but Unity throws the following error when trying to use it:

NoesisException: VisualBrush not supported yet as OpacityMask brush
Rethrow as NoesisException
Noesis.Error.Check () (at Assets/NoesisGUI/Plugins/API/Core/NoesisError.cs:17)
Noesis.View.Noesis_View_Update_ (System.Runtime.InteropServices.HandleRef view, System.Double timeInSeconds) (at Assets/NoesisGUI/Plugins/API/Core/NoesisView.cs:529)
Noesis.View.Update (System.Double timeInSeconds) (at Assets/NoesisGUI/Plugins/API/Core/NoesisView.cs:294)
NoesisView.LateUpdate () (at Assets/NoesisGUI/Plugins/NoesisView.cs:674)
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duplicate of 0000711 assignedsfernandez VisualBrush crash 




2020-12-11 15:51

updater   ~0006889

Hi guys,
I wish you will finally add support for this useful feature!

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