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Summary0001380: Request support to read Canvas.Top and Canvas.Left form a text block
DescriptionA text block can have a Canvas.Left and Canvas.Top property like this:

<TextBlock Name="speed_C" Text="300" FontFamily="#AirbusMCDUa" FontSize="10.8030383017496" Foreground="White" Canvas.Left="4.21134486413502" Canvas.Top="133.007815201125"/>

Currently the API does not allow reading these properties in a TextBlock
Steps To Reproduce-Create a TextBlock with a Canvas.Top and Canvas.Left property.

-In Unity, use try to get access to these properties in code. This is not possible.




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Canvas.Left and Canvas.Top are attached properties, defined in the Canvas panel class.
There are two ways to get the value of these properties from a specific instance (of any dependency object type):

- Using public Canvas static methods:
float left = Canvas.GetLeft(element);
Canvas.SetLeft(element, newLeft); // to set the value

- Using the generic GetValue/SetValue from DependencyObject:
float left = (float)element.GetValue(Canvas.LeftProperty);
element.SetValue(Canvas.LeftProperty, newLeft); // to set the value

Do you have any trouble using any of these?

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