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0001390NoesisGUIC++ SDKpublic2019-01-21 14:35
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Summary0001390: D3D9RenderDevice implementation for NoesisGUI 2.x

After experience with CEF and other frameworks for UI we have evaluated NoesisGUI for our project and it seems to fit our requirements better. I am implementing NoesisGUI for the Source Engine, unfortunately the engine only supports DX9 outside of Linux and OSX targets making bringing it to the engine harder due to the extra engineering effort needed to make a new RenderDevice class for D3D9.

Jesus mentioned a client donated their D3D9 implementation of RenderDevice for NoesisGUI 2.x, I would be very interested to evaluate it.

I plan to make this implementation public if possible (MIT Licensed) so it can benefit people who want to use Noesis technology with Source :)
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2019-01-17 20:35

manager   ~0005398

Please, find attached a D3D9 renderer implementation that one of our clients used for Ogre. It is not exactly your scenario but I think it may be a good starting point. (22,156 bytes)


2019-01-20 20:40

reporter   ~0005403


I have managed to make a working implementation to the Source Engine from Spivi's work, I would like to know what what is the license they have released that code under to know what to do next, including possibility to release this publicly


2019-01-21 14:35

manager   ~0005404

The are no restrictions attached to that code so I would upload it to Github under the MIT license. That way, more people can contribute and whenever we have time we can also improve it. We have an internal XamlTester at Noesis that takes image captures from hundreds of XAMLs to compare against image references. That's the first thing I would do.

Could you please do that?

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