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0001483NoesisGUIUnrealpublic2019-06-01 20:26
ReporterDreikaAssigned Tohcpizzi 
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Product Version2.2.2 
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Summary0001483: Excellent coding in conjunction with Ue4!
DescriptionI was looking for how to make <bb> forum codes for text style in the game chat. I bought plug-ins for replacing the interface, and finding their delay when dragging elements (they were breaking away from the cursor during sudden movements) refused. At first, I was pleased with Xaml. I didn’t see how inconvenient it is to implement <table> <tr> <td> </ td> </ tr> </ table> in it, well, it's tolerable because <Grid> is faster. But after seeing how dragging is implemented in a non-working Inventory project, I returned to the unloved s ++ !!! I'd better look for a paid coder to create a StyleText plugin where Slate Widget WrapText will take an array of style structures
it can be a wavy line, it’s a dotted line, and it can be a text rinht) (fill or up or center or down) (0 = before text or 1 = behind text) "
<span color = "# ffffffff" size = "20" filled = "texture #fffffff fill fill 0" hower = "color =" # ffffffff "size =" 20 "filled =" texture #ffffffff fill 1 ""> fill fill texture0 = before text. </>

Do not ask the developers of Ue4 to study c++ !!!, because basically this engine is chosen because of the easy programming, which you have managed to complicate by creating programs for each with c++ !!!
Steps To ReproduceOpen tutorial T_T!!!




2019-06-01 11:27


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2019-06-01 11:38

manager   ~0005691

Hi Dreika, I am not sure to understand the purpose of this ticket. What should be fixed to close this report?


2019-06-01 20:26

reporter   ~0005692

Unreal Engine 4 project can be with c++ but should not contain additional with c++ files if you are not eager to edit the examples under Ue4 every time. C ++ is not well tolerated at the moment. Make the version without c ++ classes on Inventory (in the plugin create all the missing behavior on the transfer in blueprint)

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