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0001513NoesisGUIC# SDKpublic2019-07-05 18:37
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Product Version2.2.3 
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Summary0001513: UserControl IsTabStop not work
Description<UserControl ....
            IsTabStop="False" >
not work in noesis

will be comfortable if work like WPF tab stop for user control
Steps To Reproduce <UserControl ...

        <StackPanel Width="300" HorizontalAlignment="Right">
            <TextBlock Foreground="White">
                <Run Text="Stars "/>
                <Run Text="{Binding ExposureStars}"/>
            <Slider Value="{Binding ExposureStars}"
            <TextBlock Foreground="White">
                <Run Text="Figures "/>
                <Run Text="{Binding ExposureFigures}"/>
            <Slider Value="{Binding ExposureFigures}"




2019-07-05 12:54

manager   ~0005807

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Sorry, but I'm not understanding what is the problem here, UserControl.IsTabStop default value is already set to False, and user controls don't get focused because of that.
What are you trying to do?



2019-07-05 14:57

reporter   ~0005808

user controls children's get focused if IsTabStop true and false on UserControl

in WPF children's don't get focused if IsTabStop="False"on UserControl


2019-07-05 16:32

manager   ~0005809

I just verified that WPF allows the keyboard focus to move inside the UserControl children when pressing the Tab key, even if IsTabStop property is set to false in the UserControl.
That property just indicates that the UserControl itself, if it is set to Focusable="True", will get or not the focus when pressing the Tab key, but it doesn't apply to children.
If you don't want the controls inside the user control to receive tab focus you can set KeyboardNavigation.TabNavigation="None" in the UserControl. Is that what you need?


2019-07-05 17:51

reporter   ~0005811

yes, thank you, i just rechecked the WPF project
everything works also Noesis
I lost KeyboardNavigation property in Noesis and got a different result

Excuse for troubling )

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