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0001532NoesisGUIC++ SDKpublic2019-08-13 12:08
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Product Version2.2.1 
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Summary0001532: Feature request: DependencyProperty value support on DependencyObject instances in the debugger
DescriptionHi guys, this is following on from this feature request:

What I'd like is the ability to query the DependencyProperty values directly from the debugger. Ideally, if I'd hover over an instance derived from DependencyObject I'd be able to see all the current values of all the DependencyProperty properties. C# manages this through reflection and the getters. If possible, could we achieve something similar in native C++ by modifying the *.natvis to query the DependencyValue maps to retrieve the value for a particular DependencyObject instance? I've attached 2 images, one from managed C# and the other from native C++ of the output from instanced derived from DepnedencyObejct. Ideally, the native would be able to retrieve the same information that the C# version could return.

Currently, the workaround is to stop the debugger, write a log to retrieve the value, and then rerun the game. This would prevent tonnes of debugging code that I end up writing like the following snippet:

NS_LOG_DEBUG("%s::Visibility = %d", GetName(), GetVisibility());


Steps To Reproduce1. Breakpoint any instance derived from DependencyObject in C++
2. View the this pointer in the watch window.
3. Notice that no DependencyProperty values are displayed.
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