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0001546NoesisGUIUnity3Dpublic2019-11-17 18:04
ReporterbungarraAssigned Tojsantos 
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Product Version2.2.3 
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Summary0001546: PS4 Controller "Noesis_Accept" does not work.
Descriptionclicking on a button with a PS4 controller does not register, the click event has been called but does not execute the function on the button, have tested with other controllers and it works as well as mouse and keyboard.
Steps To Reproduceplug in a ps4 controller and use on every example scene
TagsC#, Unity




2019-08-26 11:01

manager   ~0005939

Is this happening even if you apply the workaround in


2019-08-27 02:34

reporter   ~0005940

Yes, I have applied these workarounds, everything works fine on the Xbox controller just not the PS4


2019-08-28 18:32

manager   ~0005944

I tried with a PS4 controller and was able to reproduce the issue. The problem is that the axis and buttons in this controller are not compatible with the default mapping we provide with our samples, we configured the Input Manager with a Xbox controller in mind. If you want support for more controllers you need to configure them following our mapping.

I am not sure what's the best way to do this, I would say the current Input implementation in Unity is quite trivial and incomplete and probably extra work is needed.

This is not a bug. Ok with closing this?


2019-08-29 02:58

reporter   ~0005946

We have created a system using unity new Input system, which maps the controllers correctly, the problem is that it doesn't call the click event on any of the buttons. the Noesis_Accept doesn't call the accept button on any PS4 controller but works with Xbox, Switch and generic Logitech. I have uploaded the noesisView edited without input system.

NoesisView.cs (44,719 bytes)


2019-08-29 10:27

manager   ~0005948

Last edited: 2019-08-29 10:27

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That's happening because 'Noesis_Scroll' or 'Noesis_HScroll' are still being triggered with the incorrect input in the following lines:

line 692:        try { float v = Input.GetAxisRaw("Noesis_Scroll"); if (Math.Abs(v) > 0.05f) _uiView.Scroll(v); } catch (Exception) {}
line 693:        try { float v = Input.GetAxisRaw("Noesis_HScroll"); if (Math.Abs(v) > 0.05f) _uiView.HScroll(v); } catch (Exception) {}

I fixed it here, by properly adjusting all the axis for the PS4 controller. If you comment out that code, I am sure it will work for you. But I am not sure what's the right solution. Is that new Input System already stable?



2019-08-29 10:43

reporter   ~0005949

We are using 2.2.4 which has these added in, I have also attached a gif of it working with an xbox and not working with the PS4. The noesis View is still using the old system in regards to the new lines, the only thing that has changed is the Accept call, but does not deviate away from your system and still calls the accept button.


2019-08-29 10:46

manager   ~0005950

Comment out those lines and you will see it works (it should :) ).

Problem is, our default Input System settings is incorrectly mapping the axis for the PS4 Controller because it is configured for Xbox controller.

Yesterday, I attached a PS4 controller, properly configured it and everything was working,


2019-08-29 10:53

reporter   ~0005951

Removing the lines fixed thank you :).


2019-08-29 10:55

manager   ~0005952

Yes, but the right solution is not removing the lines. It is properly configuring the axis for the PS4 controller.

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