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0001557NoesisGUIC++ SDKpublic2019-10-11 10:32
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Summary0001557: Support FontSizeConverter to convert string to float
DescriptionFollow up from

I'd like to bind FontSize and specify "pt".
In WPF, it can convert from string to double by FontSizeConverter().

<TextBlock  FontSize="{Binding FontSize}"... />

float GetFontSize() const{
    NsString fontSizeString = "20pt";
    float fontSize;
    //Convert from NsString to float
    return fontSize;
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2019-10-10 12:34

manager   ~0005989

I've been doing some tests in WPF and it looks like WPF doesn't allow that either.
I have a TextBlock with its FontSize bound to a string property in my ViewModel and WPF doesn't know how to convert it:
<TextBlock Text="This text's size is bound to a string" FontSize="{Binding TextSize}"/>

public class ViewModel
    public string TextSize { get; set; }

DataContext = new ViewModel { TextSize = "30pt" };

I was surprised by this behavior because I though WPF will use TypeConverter attribute specified in the FontSize property, but I found that bindings ignore that attribute and only use TargetProperty.PropertyType to decide which dynamic converter it should create. In this situation is creating a SystemConvertConverter that just calls Convert.ChangeType from String to Double which is trying to parse a double from the string, and is failing because of the "pt" suffix.

At the end FontSizeConverter is only used when parsing the xaml, and we already support that, should we close this?


2019-10-11 05:25

reporter   ~0005990

I see it.
I had thought that it have to bind as float.
It was solved by returning NsString.
Thank you very much!!

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