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0001625NoesisGUIWebsitepublic2020-03-20 20:19
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Summary0001625: Roadmap is incorrect
DescriptionHi guys,

Looking at your roadmap we have already passed the deadline for 2.3.0, and we are getting quite close to the estimated delivery date for 3.0.0, and I expect that this version will be pushed back a bit. Is there any chance we can get an updated roadmap timescale so I can roughly plan out when I'm going to integrate newer versions in the future? We really want the drop shadow effect (see Bug #0001563), and I feel this will be much easier to implement with the introduction of the custom shader effects in 3.0.0. I am also looking forward to the storyboard seek implementation, and the PathGeometry implementation.

Much appreciated, cheers.

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2020-02-13 19:47

manager   ~0006095

Hi Steve,

Thanks for reaching out. We canceled 2.3.0 release and many of the features are being moved to 3.0. Noesis 3.0 is happening before GDC, we are trying to have all the announced features but I think a few of them are being moved to 3.1. PathGeometry is finished. I think storyboard seeking is being implemented (@sfernandez), could you please open a ticket about it?

Regarding custom shader effects we are trying to have at least the Drop Shadow implemented by default. How urgent is this feature for your team?


2020-02-13 19:54

reporter   ~0006096

Thanks for the quick response. The drop shadow is not extremely urgent for us as we're still relatively early in development and this is more of a polish thing, but a lot of our pre-vis work heavily relies on drop shadowed elements. All iconography in the pre-vis have drop shadows on them so this is something I'd like to get working reasonably soon as I feel this will make a huge difference to our UI. I'd also like to get it in to test the performance to make sure that this is a feasible effect to have across the entire UI on various elements. If there's too much of an impact on perf then I need to let our artists know so we can find alternative methods.




2020-03-20 20:19

manager   ~0006165

I am going to close this. Could you please open a ticket for 'storyboard seek implementation' ? Thanks!

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