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0001638NoesisGUIC++ SDKpublic2020-04-20 20:11
ReporterstevehAssigned Tojsantos 
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Product Version2.2.6 
Target Version3.0.0Fixed in Version3.0.0 
Summary0001638: Expose PPAA tesellator scale
DescriptionHi guys,

I forgot about a local change we made in 2.2.1. I've just remembered about it because I've had to reintegrate it into our 2.2.6 version. It'd be nice to have an official feature for this. We noticed that on one of our paths, the PPAA scale was not sufficient so we wanted to bump it up to increase the quality. The scale I'm talking about is the value applied in PathTessellator::GenAAGeometry()


vertices.push_back(vertices[i] + scale * PPA_EXTRUDE_OUT * n);


vertices.push_back(vertices[i] + scale * Max(mCachedPath->PPAAScale, 0.1f) * PPA_EXTRUDE_OUT * n);

We then just expose this value via FrameworkElement in a similar way that Noesis::Element::PPAAMode is exposed. We pass this value to all the render nodes. This allows us to do something like this from our XAML:

<Control x:Name="Logo" Template="{StaticResource GameTitle}" Noesis:Element.PPAAScale="2.0">

And then generate a much more detailed path. Our unofficial implementation of this was just hastily put together, but an official support for this would be really nice. Note: I'm not sure if something like this already exists in 3.0.0.

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2020-03-13 11:59

manager   ~0006145

This is a great suggestion. Something we talked about was exposing PPA_IN and PPA_OUT, would that be also valid for your game?


2020-03-13 12:06

reporter   ~0006146

Yes, exposing those 2 properties would also give the same control so that would be great!


2020-04-20 20:10

manager   ~0006226

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We implemented this and will be available in the next beta

<Canvas noesis:Element.PPAAMode="Default" noesis:Element.PPAAIn="0.5" noesis:Element.PPAAOut="0.5">

We are also working in a doc to explain the meaning of both numbers.

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