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0001666NoesisGUIUnity3Dpublic2020-05-01 03:22
ReporterstonstadAssigned Tojsantos 
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Summary0001666: PPAA Behavior
DescriptionI do not know if this is expected behavior. I do not know if it is broken or there is a setting somewhere to address this.

I have UIs with horizontal dividers created from Rectangles.

A.png. Two rectangle dividers with height=1. PPAA Off.
B.png. Two rectangle dividers with height=1. PPAA On.

A shows one divider.
B shows two dividers but one is larger than the other.

The XAML for A and B is the same. If I change to rectangle height=2, B is larger than A.

The Unity game view is unscaled at 1x. How is consistency in appearance attained?
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2020-04-24 21:01


A.png (288,311 bytes)
B.png (286,081 bytes)


2020-04-27 12:35

manager   ~0006279

PPAA can be manually adjusted (or even disabled) per element

I think for that case you need to disable it.

We slightly change the default values in NoesisGUI 3.0


2020-04-27 16:42

reporter   ~0006281

That's very cool. Keeping it "on" at the top-level and disabling it for these 1px elements achieves the look I was hoping for. You guys rock.

In the docs it says, "Noesis Views always display content in the active render target. Just binding a render target with MSAA enabled will render the UI with antialiasing enabled." FYI, in Unity 2019.x the MSAA checkbox is removed for the standard pipeline. How does one turn on MSAA w/ Noesis?


2020-04-27 16:44

reporter   ~0006282

I'm good with closing this issue. Thank you for the helpful response.


2020-04-27 17:42

reporter   ~0006285

... noesis:Element.PPAAIn="1" noesis:Element.PPAAOut="1"

Separate question, re: PPAAIN/OUT. Should we be able to set this in code? I upgraded to b9 -- I can't seem to find where this is exposed for code.


2020-04-28 10:31

manager   ~0006290

I updated C# proxies to expose PPAA In/Out properties (in FrameworkElement) so you can modify them in code.


2020-04-28 17:08

reporter   ~0006292

Sounds good, I'll look for it in a subsequent release. Thank you!

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