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0001686NoesisGUIC# SDKpublic2020-10-29 17:55
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Product Version3.0.0 
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Summary0001686: Antialiasing doesn't work when element has DropShadowEffect
DescriptionHi guys,

the DropShadowEffect is awesome but I've noticed a little issue with the rounded corners.
See the attached screenshots, pay attention to the rounded labels such as "PvP", "OFFICIAL", etc. I've tested with MSAA and PPAA. Both don't work.

I can remove rounded corners for now but I wish it could be fixed (especially if the fix is straightforward).

Good job on the DropShadowEffect overall as it allows me to add depth into the UI where necessary, and improve the text effects! :-)

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related to 0001805 assignedjsantos Allow adjusting OffscreenSampleCount at any time 




2020-05-15 20:52


MSAA_NoShadow.png (839,656 bytes)
MSAA_WithShadow.png (876,752 bytes)


2020-05-20 10:58

manager   ~0006385

This is probably a silly thing but we locked 3.0.0, we will solve it in 3.0.1. Thanks for your feedback, as always!


2020-06-30 13:34

manager   ~0006478

I've been doing some tests and it looks like PPAA is not disabled when using effects. I created a xamltoy showing it:
I don't remember changing anything related in our latest releases, but could you please check again to confirm you are still having this issue?


2020-07-02 17:43

updater   ~0006495

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It's broken for both PPAA and MSAA as I've just checked.
The screenshot above is without the drop shadow effect and the MSAA works fine there.



2020-07-03 12:26

manager   ~0006498

So those images are using MSAA only, PPAA is not enabled when Views are created, right?
I think it makes more sense to me now, what is happening is that offscreen textures are created without the correct MSAA samples.
Can you check if, before initializing the Renderer, you are calling RenderDevice.SetOffscreenSampleCount() to the appropriate number of samples?

Have you considered using PPAA only or do you need MSAA for anything else in your game?


2020-09-28 13:47

updater   ~0006654

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Hi Sergio,
sorry for the late reply.

We utilize MSAA for a few other features in the game. I always prefer MSAA for NoesisGUI as it doesn't have any side effects (thicker lines). PPAA is fine when MSAA is not available or too expensive to use.

I got a chance to work on this. You're 100% right, the issue is with the OffscreenSampleCount.
The big problem here is that the game allows the player to change MSAA setting on the fly (off/2x/4x/8x). Currently, the Noesis View must be recreated in order to initialize it with new RenderDeviceD3D11 (that has new OffscreenSampleCount). Simply changing OffscreenSampleCount for the existing RenderDeviceD3D11 instance is not enough and I can guess why.

I wish we could change this on the fly as recreating a View object is a big no-no. It causes an issue with a multitude of other systems.
E.g. allowing the call to view.Renderer.Init(renderDeviceD3D11) again after it was already initialized would solve this problem (as I can change device's OffscreenSampleCount and call view.Renderer.Init). Currently, it's not supported as further access to the renderer object results in a memory access violation.




2020-10-29 17:55

manager   ~0006710

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I am going to close this, as this is not related to DropShadowEffect.

Let's move the discussion to 0001805

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