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0001760NoesisGUIC++ SDKpublic2020-09-17 11:08
ReporternikobarliAssigned Tosfernandez 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version2.2.6 
Target Version3.0.5Fixed in Version3.0.5 
Summary0001760: [TSF] When used in tablet, tapping any part of the window makes keyboard appear
DescriptionWhen used in tablet, tapping any part of the window (not only text boxes and password boxes) makes touch keyboard appears.

Steps To ReproduceCreate any XAML (<grid background="white"></grid> is sufficient). Tap on any part of it -> touch keyboard appears

It seems that TSF still considered it is focusing on a document even after gThreadMgr->SetFocus(gDisabledDocumentMgr) is called.
gDisabledDocumentMgr seems not considered disabled.
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2020-08-25 10:25

manager   ~0006591

I wanted to take a look on this and want to make sure I have all the information. Is this happening when using a windows device with our TSF implementation, right?
What kind of device are you using? I don't have now a touch enabled device with windows around and might need to buy one.
Or is this possible to reproduce by manually injecting touch events to the view?


2020-08-27 08:43

reporter   ~0006592

Hi Sergio,

Yes, it is happening when using a windows device with the TSF implementation.
You can use a touch screen to reproduce it. Just attach a touch screen monitor to your windows PC, and touch on any Noesis application window with TSF enabled.


2020-08-27 08:54

reporter   ~0006593

Another way to reproduce the problem is using your iPad or Android tablets, and use Microsoft RDP client to RDP to your windows PC. Then run Noesis application on your windows PC and operate from the iOS/Android tablet.


2020-08-27 12:23

manager   ~0006594

Thanks for the tip, unfortunately I installed Microsoft RDP on my Android phone and I'm not able to reproduce the problem.

Could you please enable trace logging in TSF.ccp (uncomment first two define lines) and attach here the logs generated until touch keyboard appears, I want to follow which events are happening in that case.

Thanks for your help.


2020-08-27 14:24

reporter   ~0006596

Hi, here is the logs:

[NOESIS][] MoveWindow(hWnd=0000000000A51F4A) (G:\Athene_Noesis3.0\libz\Noesis\Native\Src\Packages\App\Win32Display\Src\TSF.cpp:1551)
NoesisUtil::ZUIImpl::Render: Render() took 30 ms
[NOESIS][] ActivateWindow(hWnd=0000000000A51F4A) (G:\Athene_Noesis3.0\libz\Noesis\Native\Src\Packages\App\Win32Display\Src\TSF.cpp:1529)
[NOESIS][] MoveWindow(hWnd=0000000000A51F4A) (G:\Athene_Noesis3.0\libz\Noesis\Native\Src\Packages\App\Win32Display\Src\TSF.cpp:1551)
[NOESIS][] MoveWindow(hWnd=00000000000617F0) (G:\Athene_Noesis3.0\libz\Noesis\Native\Src\Packages\App\Win32Display\Src\TSF.cpp:1551)
[NOESIS][] DeactivateWindow(hWnd=0000000000A51F4A) (G:\Athene_Noesis3.0\libz\Noesis\Native\Src\Packages\App\Win32Display\Src\TSF.cpp:1543)
[NOESIS][] ActivateWindow(hWnd=00000000000617F0) (G:\Athene_Noesis3.0\libz\Noesis\Native\Src\Packages\App\Win32Display\Src\TSF.cpp:1529)
[NOESIS][] MoveWindow(hWnd=00000000000617F0) (G:\Athene_Noesis3.0\libz\Noesis\Native\Src\Packages\App\Win32Display\Src\TSF.cpp:1551)

Note that it doesn't reproduce if you tap at buttons. I tap at an empty grid to reproduce it.
Please check the video here (the touch keyboard appears at the end of the video) :


2020-09-03 10:52

manager   ~0006613

One more question, is this only happening when you spawn new windows on the same application? I mean, if you try it with a single window application like our samples does the virtual keyboard also appear when clicking anywhere in the window?


2020-09-05 06:09

reporter   ~0006616

Yes, I tried with your RSS Reader sample app. It happens as well.
Please see the video here:


2020-09-14 14:09

manager   ~0006629

I may have found a way to solve this and did some changes to TSF code.
Could you please give a try with the attached file and verify this is fixed and IME works as it should?


2020-09-14 14:09


TSF.cpp (41,944 bytes)


2020-09-15 07:10

reporter   ~0006630

Last edited: 2020-09-15 07:11

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Hi Sergio,

Yes, it seems to work fine !
Japanese input is working as before, and the problem I reported here disappeared.

Thank you.

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